MedTek offers an end-to-end medical transcription solution for Hospitals, Outpatient Surgery Centers, Clinics and Physician Practices. Our robust and user-friendly software platform drives the entire chain of activities in the medical transcription workflow - from the moment a voice dictation is sent until the report is returned. 225-572-4422
MedTek is committed to providing cost effective, state-of-the-industry procedural and diagnostic coding support to medical groups, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers nationwide. MedTek is your one stop service provider for transcription and coding. (570) 964-2322
MedTek's EZchart is a complete chart management solution, designed to bring efficiency and savings to ASC patient records management. It utilizes the latest technologies to simplify processes and enables the ASC to use proprietary, unique or individual forms for its records. (574) 913-4505