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CCSP Certification Elevate your standing in the Discipline of Customer Service.

CCSP Exam Display your Genuine Commitment to your customers.

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Chicagoland Chapter Customer Service Week Video Challenge

NCSA Chicagoland invites you to record a 1-2 minute video on how you / your organizationcelebrates, justifies, honors and promotes Customer Service. Submissions will be judged during National Customer Service Week, starting October 1.
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Central Illinois Chapter Customer Service Week Program

CIL_NCSA Presents Craig Zablocki, a nationally known speaker and consultant. The Intelligence of Fun is proven to increase productivity, motivation, creativity, new learning, and staff engagement. If affects everything...from the bottom up!
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Chicagoland Chapter 2018 September Program

NCSA Chicagoland invites you! Customer Service in the Dining Experience, presenting Chef Paul Virant, the Executive Chef / Owner of Vistro Hinsdale and Puneet Talwar, the founder and CEO of Munch Ado.
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901-220-4984The Golden Rule of Service

Mary Kay has based the way we do business on "The Golden Rule" NCSA Customer Service Article(treating others the way we want to be treated) and providing what Mary Kay calls "Golden Rule Customer Service." Mary Kay founder, Mary Kay Ash, always said, "Treat everyone you meet as if they have a sign around their neck that says 'Make me feel important.'" What an awesome opportunity I have every day to do just that!
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When Disaster Strikes Your Customer, Are You Service Ready?

Customer Service ArticleIt seems as if the last few years have seen an increasing prevalence of natural disasters in the U.S., be it the Colorado floods, Oklahoma tornados and wildfires which seem to regularly plague the western states. The obvious human tragedy toll has been enormous, physically and emotionally. Less obvious, but still potentially devastating to many, are the short-term consequences of any such disaster that can impact even those far removed in proximity from harm’s way. When daily life as we know it is turned upside down, is your business “customer service ready” to help?
Customer First Featured Article

unscratchinglySERVICE WITH A SMILE (2.0)
How the Atlanta Hawks Answered a Challenge to Reach Service Greatness

Last March, while the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club was busy planning its $192.5 million transformation of Philips Arena, Hawks CEO Steve Koonin jumped in the same elevator as Jason Parker, vice president of customer service and operations for the Hawks and Philips Arena. Wasting no time, Koonin threw a literal elevator pitch at Parker that went like this: "Jason, I think we’re good at service. But we really need to get to great."
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ServiceNCSA Service All-Stars Awards!

Now through December 31, 2018, the NCSA will be accepting online nominations for 2019 NCSA Service All-Stars in three categories.

There are two Team and Organization Awards as follows:

  • Organizations with fewer than 100 employees
  • Organizations with more than 100 employees

Service Individual of the Year
Presented to the individual who best exemplifies putting the customer first.

Service Team of the Year
Presented to the group or team that, through their collective actions, lives service excellence on a daily basis.

Service Organization of the Year
Presented to the business that consistently maintains a focused culture of service excellence.

Both NCSA Member Organizations and their employees, as well as non-members, are eligible to make nominations and to win awards. An individual, a team or an organization may be nominated for serving internal or external customers.

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